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The PR card is identity proof of your resident status in Canada. If you are looking to replace PR card due to some valid reasons like stolen, lost or damage you need to complete and submit an application to request a new one. This application is also applicable to individuals who received PR card within 180 days of immigration, if you are renewing or changing the name you need to update your PR card.




To apply for this application you must have permanent resident status in Canada and need while staying in Canada. If you are outside Canada and have no valid PR card to return back in Canada, you must have to get a Permanent Travel Document.


If you are looking to replace PR card to due stolen and lost reasons you need to explain the circumstances. If you are replacing PR card due to name change ten you to show valid proof of name change (like marriage certificate).


Everyone has their valid and unique reason for replacing PR card and we are under your circumstance so we are here to advise and assist you in order to overcome this problem.


While settling down to Canada permanently is the dream of most immigrants, many Canadian Permanent residents decide to renounce their PR card voluntarily due to many reasons like spending the latter days of retirement in their home country, getting a job offer in new country, or not looking for permanent stay in Canada, could be any reason.

If any individual wishes to renounce PR status, the process is quite easy and straightforward. However, there is a possible chance of a longer processing time, in case of requirements does not meet.




To get eligible to renounce or cancel your Canadian Permanent Residency status you must

  • Have Permanent resident status in Canada

  • Be a PR or Citizenship of another country

  • Must have atleast 18 years or more

  • If individuals who are below age 18 wish to renounce Canadian PR status either be represented by a legal guardian with written consent of renouncing request.

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