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The Access to Information Act gives the authority to access the records of government institutions that are subject to the Act. Any Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or corporation present in Canada can access this record. This Act combines other policies such as open government initiatives that make the government information accessible to the public. Travel Disclosure, hospitality expenses, and other frequently asked questions.

How do I make a request to access government records or my personal information?

You need to submit an access to information request under the Access to Information Act to get government records.

How long does it take to process the request?

Government institutions have 30 days response time to access information requests or personal information requests. Your request may proceed quickly by the institute in the case of a specific and detailed request submitted by an individual. 


An extension beyond 30 days may be taken if your request is to access a large number of records or if the record needs the involvement of consultations with other government institutions or third parties. The individual will be notified of an extension within 30 days with a valid reason.



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