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If you're affected by flood or any natural calamities, then you may be able to 

get free replacement of documents that are damaged, destroyed, and inaccessible due to natural hazards.
you can request quick processing and a refund for an application that was submitted before a flood.
you can change restore or extend your status if your school is in a flooded area.
you could request for employer change if your existing workplace is affected by the flood.


The new Verification of Status or Replacement of an Immigration Document form replaces the old verification of Entry form.
To complete this form you need to have proof of historical immigration information, such as place of entry to Canada, a date that can be used for the following document.

  • Record of Landing,

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence,

  • Work Permit,

  • Visitor Record,

  • Study Permit,

  • Authorization to Return to Canada,

  • Exclusion Order,

  • Deportation Order,

  • Departure Order and

  • Temporary Resident Permit.

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Express Entry
Work Permit
Work Permit
Student Visa
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Visitor Visa
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Family Sponsorship
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