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Getting Citizenship in Canada is a major goal for most of the immigrants in Canada after becoming Permanent Residents. There are many pathways to get Canadian Citizenship. The individual can qualify through the naturalization process and by birth in Canada. Once an individual qualified all the needful requirements and undergoes an oath ceremony, the person will become a citizen of this nation.


To get eligible by the naturalization process

•  Should have at least 3 years of Permanent Resident status within Canada

•  Must meet the requirement of filing taxes under the Income Tax Act

•  Be able to understand and communicate either English or French

•  Must have no criminal record and security threat to the country

•  Must be 18 years or above and 14 years or older if with parents

•  Be able to pass the Canadian Citizenship Test

Privileges on this program:

• Be eligible to vote for the Canadian government

• Get a Canadian Passport

• Individual can join civil services like military

Citizenship Application Process:

All the applications are submitted to Nova Scotia at the Citizenship office from there those applications undergo a pre-screening process to ensure the eligibility of required rules. Within 12 months of application submission, the applicant will get an invitation to attend an interview to demonstrate the knowledge of Canada in one of Canada’s official languages.

Citizenship Application Refusal:

If your Citizenship Application gets refused, the applicant will receive a letter of explanation for the denial, this decision may be reconsidered with the Federal Court of Canada. The first step involves filing an application for juridical review within 30 days of receipt.

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