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Even though Federal Government is managing the Immigration of Canada (with certain exception to Quebec Immigration), the individual provinces do have the ability to nominate people to come and settle down in their province. Such programs refer as “Provincial Nominee Programs”. This program includes many streams including the “Skilled worker Stream” where workers can apply for immigration in an area where labor shortage or in demand.

Eligibility for this program:

  • The individual should have the work experience, education, and skills that can contribute toward an economy of a specific province

  • looking to reside in that province, and

  • want to become permanent residents of Canada


Although PNP route adds an extra milestone in the process of application, it can have better success rates of immigration in certain categories.

This program is an excellent pathway for people who would not qualify for Permanent Residency through the express entry process or some other circumstances.

Who are eligible for this program?

  • students

  • business people

  • skilled workers

  • semi-skilled workers

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