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This Sponsorship program was created by the Canadian government, to help reunify individuals with their families. You could sponsor certain family members as a permanent resident if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Individuals who sponsor a family member to come to Canada will be responsible to support them financially on their arrival. This class is categorized into several programs that can reunite you with your loved ones.

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Spouse & Common Law

This program gives immigrants an opportunity to reunite with their families by sponsoring their spouse or partner to stay with them. This class allows people who are permanent residents or citizens of Canada to invite their partners to reside in Canada as long as they meet the requirements as outlined by the government.​

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Parents/ Grandparents Sponsorship

To sponsor your grandparents or parents to Canada as a permanent resident, you need to submit an online sponsor form via the Government website. Once the invitation is received to apply, only then an application to sponsor can be submitted.

Boys at School
Children Sponsorship

Presently, the age for a dependent child is 21 years or younger in Canada for Children sponsorship where individuals can sponsor a dependent or a child you plan to adopt. Your eligibility to apply for this program should be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen with no criminal record, bankruptcy, or under a removal order.

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Parents/ Grandparents super Visa

To ensure that families are united, the laws of Canada have prioritized this program by allowing citizens of Canada or Permanent Residents to become guarantors for their parents or grandparents to stay in Canada. 

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Relatives Sponsorship

To sponsor any family member under this sponsorship program, the applicant will need to fall under the following relationship with a principal sponsor(s): A dependent child, parents, grandparents, or a spouse.

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PNP Family Sponsorship

This program is a part of the Economic Class and this is managed by the Express Entry program. The Federal Skilled Worker is the primary economic immigration procedure that gives skilled workers, and their loved ones, the pathway to becoming permanent residents in Canada...

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Express Entry
Work Permit
Work Permit
Student Visa
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Visitor Visa
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