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Although the Immigration processes are managed by the federal government of Canada, there are certain exceptions in the case of Quebec Immigration. The Federal Government allows the provinces to nominate people who wish to settle down in their particular province. These programs are considered under PNP (Provincial Nominee Program).

These programs are categorized into different streams and some of the provinces have a family sponsor streams that allow individuals to sponsor their family members as a guarantor to provide support. These programs are alternative to Family Sponsorship Immigration, however, there are certain approvals required at the provincial level.


These programs vary according to different provinces and their requirement criteria change constantly over the period. In order to get the latest update on this program please contact us



PNP Program is a tremendous pathway to Canada and allows an individual to become a Permanent Resident of Canada who would in some circumstances not qualify for it. After becoming a permanent resident of Canada you can do anything except vote or join the military. Additionally, after satisfying PR eligible and being in Canada for 3 years you can apply for Citizenship. Some provinces also provide a family support stream where you can sponsor your family member as long as you can support them. This can leverage this benefit however, there are some additional steps at the province level.

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Federal Skilled Trade
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