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The Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP) is oriented to help qualified business people with sufficient work experience and a job offer to find pathways to be permanent in Canada.  Candidates will need an Express Entry Profile which will be scored according to the CRS based on the following factors.


Federal Skilled Trades Class requirements:   

  • Have employment offer letters from a minimum of 2 employers in Canada of at least one year of working duration or a Certificate of Qualification from a provincial or territorial regulatory body

  • Provide proof of language proficiency that meets a minimum in all 4 modules

  • Must have 2 years (24 months) of work experience in the skilled trade in the last five years 

  • Must be qualified to meet the requirements of the job offer or trade-in Canada, as outlined by the NOC

Skilled Trades Occupation:


There are 90 eligible occupations that fall under these categories:  

  • Industrial, electrical, and construction  

  • Maintenance and equipment operation

  • Technical jobs in national resources, supervisors, agriculture, and related industry

  • Processing, manufacturing, and utility supervisors and central control operators

  • Chefs and cooks

  • Butchers and bakers

Offer of Employment OR Certification:

Trade Certification falls under the Provincial Authority of Canada. Individual provinces define which professions will be regulated. Provisional Certification is generally daunting to get from outside Canada, this program will be more worthwhile to tradespeople who acquire an offer of employment from a recognized Canadian employer, or already working in Canada on a work permit. The list of trades varies provincially, and where the trades do not come under regulation, an offer of employment is mandatory. Tradespeople who received an approved offer of employment from a Canadian employer are also eligible to apply. The offer of employment is evaluated to ensure the eligibility of trade and neutral effect on the Canadian Labour Market in the hiring process.

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