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  • Owner Operator LMIA/ Work Permit
    Canada provides an opportunity to foreign business persons to establish and expand their business venture through Owner Operator LMIA program and Subsequent Work Permit. Employers need to provide proof of an existing business in Canada or if planning to start, then they must show evidence about the business being opened, while at same need to show that business will benefit Canada’s economy. Program Eligibility Entrepreneur must a sole proprietor or hold more than 50% of shares in a Canadian Company. Business should be in action prior to applying for Owner Operator LMIA Foreign owner-operators must show valid evidence of business paperwork such as a contract or purchase agreement. Program Benefits Individuals can start and run their business as Owner operator LMIA exempted from conducting job advertisements. The business experience in Canada makes an individual qualify for permanent residency.
  • High Wage / Low Wage LMIA
    Canada allows foreign workers to apply for a job on a direct basis by getting an offer letter from a Canadian employer. To hire foreign workers, the employer needs to obtain LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) to prove a need of foreign workers to fulfill the job position, to ensure the government that no Canadian worker is available for this job. Employers can hire foreign workers under two streams depending upon the type of working position. A low-wage position where workers are being offered wage below the provincial minimum hourly. While high wage position where workers are being paid at or above provincial hourly wage. Important note: It is very important to stay updated with all the information while applying for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The Program is very dynamic and changes very constantly over the period.
  • Temporary Work Permit
    Canada welcomes worldwide immigrants every year to grant an opportunity to work as temporary workers under LMIA program where individuals can apply and work on their desired job position. These positions vary according to skill levels and cover a wide range of professions. The Canadian government is looking to acquire talent not only within Canada but also from other areas of the world. A temporary work permit is an initial step to becoming permanent under Canadian Express Program. It is 2 step process in most cases, the employer needs to get a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) that gives permission to hire a foreign worker. Once an employee has been approved and received LMIA, the worker needs to apply for a Work Permit which gives them access to work legally in Canada. This is a straightforward process, but it may vary to job categories.
  • In Home Caregiver LMIA
    Canada offers direct job opportunities for foreign workers under the program of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). In Home Caregiver LMIA program is designed for Canadian Families to hire caretakers for their loved ones, who are below age 18 years, elderly people, or people with medical conditions who need special care. The family who looking for a caretaker must apply for LMIA to proof the government about the need for foreign worker and no Canadian worker available to do this job. Program Eligibility: The employer must have a valid functioning business and proof of its operation. Employer must show that no one is available in Canada for this job and they meet their obligations. In addition, employers must be responsible to ensure and verify that worker have valid certificates and necessary experience that meet the qualification for this position. Benefit of this program: A positive LMIA allows the employer to invite foreign workers in a period when the business experiences a shortage of qualified workers or if employers cannot find an eligible employee to fill the vacant position, to sustain the business activities.
  • International Experienced Class
    The International Experience Canada program gives individuals an opportunity to travel and work in Canada. An application may choose from different travel and work experience to enter Canada under this program: Young Professional, Working Holiday, and International Co-op Internship. Young Professional: It allows applicants to obtain Canadian work experience while working for the same employer in Canada. Work Holiday: It allows individuals to work temporarily in Canada during their travel time. It doesn’t require a job offer and is considered under open work permit. International Co-op Internship: Under this stream, individuals can gain valuable work experience from overseas in their related education field. This work permit is specifically designed for students who are enrolled in a post-secondary program and have job offers for internships in Canada. PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: To get eligible under this program your country must have an agreement with Canada that allows you to apply for IEC work permit. A program requirement varies on different countries however some of the common requirements are outlined as follows: - Individuals must be between 18 and 35 years of age - Must have a minimum budget of $2500CAD to show as expenses during travel - Must have health insurance until the stay period - Should demonstrate your ability to pay for a return ticket PROGRAM BENEFITS: It is a work-based program for individuals who comes to Canada for travel and to get work experience at the same time. Based on experience some people may get eligible to apply for Permanent Resident under Skilled worker programs.
  • Intra Company Transfer
    This program provides an opportunity for a foreign worker who is employed with an overseas company to work in Canada if the company has a location established or is in process of setting it up. In order to facilitate business operations, employers are allowed to work without the requirement of LMIA Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Program Eligibility: • To get qualify under this program, the employer must have: • Minimum a year of full-time experience at the foreign company; • The individual should provide valid proof of Canadian and Foreign business linkage as well as between themselves; • Must fall into one of three requirements: Employer with relevant knowledge and posses expertise in specific area, Executives with senior authority, Senior managers with principal duties of business and employee management. Program Benefits: This program exempted the worker from needing an LMIA to work in Canada. Once an individual gained the necessary work experience can apply for permanent residency through the Canadian Experienced Class (CEC) or Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).
  • NAFTA Work Permit
    The North American Free Trade Agreement is a program established by the government in order to strengthen and promote business between Canada, U.S. and Mexico. This program allows business professionals to set up business in Canada without needing an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: You must be U.S and Mexican Citizen excluding (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands), however, citizenship of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are considered under this program. NAFTA is further categorized into 4 sections: Professional: Provide service and work opportunities to Canadian employers and companies. Business Visitor: Conduction business in Canada without intending to enter the Canadian labor market. Intra Company Transfer: Worker who is being transferred by Mexican/ American Company to the branch or company that exists in Canada. Trade and Investor: Investor who supports the Canadian business market by investing in the trading exchange between Canada and US or Mexico. PROGRAM BENEFITS: A work permit under this program allows an individual to visit and enter Canada without a LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). An individual can get a work permit grant for a maximum of twelve months and can be extended later on. This permit can lead a worker to become a permanent resident and later a citizen of Canada under eligibility criteria.
  • Global Talent Stream LMIA
    This program is designed to allow organizations to access highly skilled talent from worldwide to expand their workforce on an international scale. Along with ensuring that the skills of specialized worker will not only limit to the organization but also be leveraged by the Canadian workforce. Employers who looking to hire a foreign worker through this program will categorize further into 2 sections either if you have been referred by one of the designated organizations under this program or if you are hiring an individual with a unique talent. Program Eligibility: Employers must provide valid proof of business and a legit job offer, along with the appealing reason on how the hiring of foreign worker benefits Canada’s economy. Employer must commit to providing specific positions and salaries with more or equivalent to prevailing wages. Program Benefits: This is a quick and efficient LMIA program where a foreign worker can apply for a work permit in a very short time possibly 2 weeks and leverage a chance of getting approval for a job sooner than any other program. Thus, this program meets the requirement of a very dynamic industry that seek highly skilled talent in a timely manner.
  • Spousal Work Permit
    This program allow individual who are on working/ studying permit to bring their spouse/partner in Canada and gives them ability to do job under Open work permit. This permission is granted for up to 2 years where the permit holder can work for any employer. Individual who become eligible under this program gets an excellent opportunity to acquire Canadian work experience that can further make them qualify for Permanent Resident. Program Eligibility The requirements under this program are straightforward and quite similar to those who are working and studying in Canada. If Applicant holder accompanying the individual who is enrolled into a study program, they must have: The requirements under this program are straightforward and quite similar to those who are working and studying in Canada. If Applicant holder accompanying the individual who is enrolled into a study program, they must have: • Their spouse/partner with a valid study permit. • Must be a full-time student to designated college • Be studying at an eligible Post-Secondary Institution. • Must have a clean criminal history If Applicant holder accompanying the individual who is working in Canada: • Applicant spouse/partner must have a valid work permit. • Applicant spouse/partner should have a high-level skilled job according to Canadian Government Regulations. • Applicant spouse/partner must have atleast 6months of valid work permit. Program Benefits: This program provides you a work visa for Canada to gain Canadian work experience while supporting financially to your partner who is either studying or working. The individual under this category has the biggest advantage to work anywhere for any employer without any intricate approval process that is required for a specific employment visa. Furthermore, you may get qualified to apply for permanent resident.
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