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The Quebec Experience Program expedites the way for International students and individuals with Quebec work experience to get a Quebec Selection Certificate to settle down in Quebec permanently under Federal Government granted program. Quebec’s case is quite different from other provinces due to Quebec- Canada Agreement, which gives Quebec the right to select immigrants in the skilled worker category.  This program was created with a goal to ensure that Quebec province could benefit from the contribution of people that shares Quebec’s value. By this, the government seeks both objectives to improve Quebec’s demographic situation and immigration process.  

Temporary Foreign Worker Eligibility:

  • The individual should stay temporarily in Quebec for work purpose

  • Should have a purpose to hold a job and settle down in Quebec

  • Must have full-time work experience of at least 2 years out of 3 years prior to submitting an application for 0, A, or B level jobs.

  • Must prove language ability in French by standard language test

  • Show a final transcript for successful completion of full-time education in secondary or post-secondary entirely in French.

  • Show PEQ full-time work experience

Quebec Graduates Eligibility:

  • Foreign students who completed study from any Quebec Educational Institute may be eligible for CSQ under the following conditions:

  • Have temporarily stayed in Quebec for study and should have the intention  to settle down permanently

  • Must have an eligible degree from educational institute recognized Quebec Ministry of Education

  • Have studied least 2 years in Quebec

  • Hold a degree from Quebec Educational Institute and have 12 months of work experience


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Federal Skilled Trade
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