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The Quebec Investor Program is a unique and popular program created by the provincial government which provides foreign investor and their families an opportunity to enter the province of Quebec as permanent residents. In return, the individual needs to invest $1.2 CAD net assets into a government guarantee investment fund that helps to provide subsidies in support of small and medium scale businesses in Quebec. By doing this, the foreign investor is contributing toward the economic development of Quebec and Canada, where in return, the investors are accepted without taking into consideration all the criteria that are must require for all other immigration processes.

Program Requirements:


  • Applicants need to meet 3 basic requirements in order to be eligible for Quebec Investor Program.

  • Must have a net asset of upto $2 million Canadian dollars. The amount should not be any donation and must be legally obtained. This amount count as net assets of spouse and common-law partner of an applicant.

  • Must show intention to settle down in Quebec permanently 

  • Need to invest up to $ 1.2 million CAD with a financial trusted company or broker to become eligible for this program.

  • Must meet a minimum points requirements under the Quebec Investor Points Assessment Grid

  • Must have experience in commercial or industrial business management where the employee excluding the investor, occupies upto 2 full-time jobs of equivalency.

  • Other factors other taken into consideration like age, training background, language skill. The Quebec Investor Program has a limitation on application acceptance, it only accepts during pre-determine intake periods. 

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