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The Canadian Experience Class is an ideal program for Temporary Foreign workers who are on work permits and want to become Permanent residents of Canada. You must have at one year of Canadian Skilled working experience to apply to this program.

Canadian Experience Class requirements :

  • Must have a minimum of one-year complete full-time Canadian job experience within professional, skilled, and technical fields. Full-time job experience during student visa or self-employment will not be considered.

  • Your work experience should fall under certain job categories NOC skill level 0 (Managerial job experience), NOC skill type A (Professional job experience), NOC skill type B (Technical experience and skilled trades).

  • Required proof of language proficiency test from a designated language testing organization that meets the minimum threshold requirements in all 4 modules.

  • Make sure you plan to reside or work outside Quebec (or else you need to apply to the Quebec Experience Class.

Final Criteria before getting Permanent Residence:

Once a candidate receives an Invitation from a selection from the Express Entry Pool, individuals and their dependents must through medical examinations and security clearances as a mandatory procedure for Canadian immigration application.

Valid option for International Students:

The Canadian Experience Class provides an opportunity to students with Canadian work experience a quick and easy pathway to obtain permanent resident. After completing Canadian Education from the designated Institute, international students can remain in the country on temporary work permit status to acquire a minimum of one year of Canadian work experience in a skilled, professional, or technical field, which makes you eligible to apply under the CEC program.


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Federal Skilled Trade
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Canadian Experience Class
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