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Quebec Skilled Worker program is an alternative to the Federal Skilled Worker program seeks for skilled individuals to fill required skill shortages. But when it comes to the immigration process, Quebec has certain exemptions and allowance which is not the case of other provinces while selecting people who are looking to settle down in that particular province.


To get eligible for this program, the authorities will take a number of aspects into consideration for applicant and spouse. Some of the factors are:

  • Your knowledge of French and English

  • Education level and type of training that you have received

  • Age and work experience

  • The total time you have spent in the province and any family relationship with Quebec residents or a Citizen of Canada.

  • Should have a valid job offer from Quebec Employers with specific requirements

  • The characteristic of accompanying spouse or common-law partner if applicable

  • Must include a number of children (under the age of 10)  if applicable

  • Once all these requirements get approved from the Quebec level the Federal Government process of security and a medical check will initiate.




Qualifying under this program will open your way for the Permanent Residency of Canada. You need to show valid reasons to settle down in Quebec. As a Permanent Resident, you can do anything except vote or join the military. After qualifying for the Permanent Residency requirement you will get eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship.


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Federal skilled trade
Federal Skilled Trade
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